Liz’s World features the GED Academy student, Elizabeth, who explores GED writing, which includes:

As for Elizabeth:

Elizabeth has worked at a grocery store most of her life. “It’s just a job,” she says. “I never really thought about wanting to do something.” Now that her children are grown, Elizabeth realizes how much her life revolved around them. “I like doing things around the house. Crafts, you know, and taking care of the kids. Now I want to do something more, though. I’ve got a great family and a great life, but I do feel like I missed out on something by not graduating high school.”


“Learning is a process that takes place inside the student’s mind. Engaging students–involving them in the lives and stories of others–creates learning.” Elizabeth’s motherly point of view  adds to the classroom environment, but she is sometimes insecure about herself and her abilities, something a lot of GED students can relate to.


“It’s not that I don’t think I can get my GED,” Elizabeth says, “especially after starting at The GED Academy. But I never thought of myself as a book-learning person. I guess I didn’t realize before how much I could do. You don’t always see what’s possible.”


Elizabeth is characteristic of many GED students who want to get a diploma after years away from school. Elizabeth is a little unsure of herself. She wants to understand things in simple, concrete terms, and listening to her thought processes helps other students also understand.