GED Science: “Virtual Smart Home Controlled By Your Thoughts”

Kewl! That’s totally the title of this article I found: “Virtual Smart Home Controlled By Your Thoughts” … sweet! I mean, when’s the last time my thoughts controled anything? The kewl thing about GED science, doodz, is that real science is doin’ all kindza kewl sci-fi type stuff. In REAL LIFE! Okay, so what’s it all about? Continue reading

The Scientific Method: GED Science MUST-KNOW!

Hey, Dudes! The GED science test’s got a lot of stuff on it… but one thing you really KNOW is gonna be on there is science experiments. I love science experiments, dudes. Like, mad scientist stuff, you know… making invisibility cloaks and glow-in-the-dark slime. But you gotta know something about how experiments are done…and why… and that means understanding the scientific method. Continue reading

Invisibility Cloak! The Future Is Now…er, Soon…with GED Science!

Okay, GED science time! Kewl… I totally can’t believe my dreams are gonna become reality. Did you ever want to be invisible? I sure did… you know, sneaking into movie theaters… pretending to be a ghost and haunting Curtis… awesome! And pretty soon, they’ll be real invisibility cloaks… I just gotta save up my money, dudes, cuz I bet they’ll be expensive. Continue reading

GED Science and Technology: Infernal Wedgie Machine!

Check out this link: Infernal Wedgie Machine! Hehehehe. A wedgie machine! Kewl! This Doctor Fun’s got a lot of kewl cartoons. But seriously, wouldn’t a wedgie machine be kewl? That’s what’s called technology, and it’s all about figuring out how to solve problems with science. When you know how science works, you can use science to do all kindsa things. Continue reading