GED Practice Essay: Revising the Conclusion

Okay! I’m on the final step of revising my practice GED essay. That’s the conclusion. I think a good conclusion is really important on the GED. The GED readers look for organization, and a good conclusion shows good organization. The GED readers are also people…and people like a good conclusion. It leaves you with a good impression, since it’s the last thing you read. Continue reading

GED Practice Essay: Revising the Third Paragraph

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m revising my GED essay. Going through the same questions with each paragraph gives me practice using the questions to revise… and these are the questions GED readers use to grade the GED essay test. That’s what you want to do… make your GED essay fit what the GED readers look for. Continue reading

GED Test Essay: Revising

Last time, I finished a draft of a GED essay, and I know a lot of people want to stop after they wrote their draft for the GED. It’s hard to write, after all, and maybe you just want to be done with it! I know I feel that way sometimes. But going back and reading over your writing, and making changes, can make it so much better. So, I’m going to talk about editing my GED essay. Continue reading

GED Writing: Formal Writing

Mandy wrote:

im going to go take my GED test again tomorrow, i only have to do the writting part and social studies. When i write any kind of paper, i write as if i was talking to the person face to face. i dont mean to but i guess a cant grasp that i have to make it sound “pro.”

Sounding like a pro can be hard, especially if you spend a lot of time reading stuff on the internet. There’s so many blogs and journal posts out there, and they’re all written pretty informally. Most of the time, when I’m writing something myself, it’s a letter to my kids or a journal entry that’s meant for my friends or something. I don’t think too much about sounding formal. So, just like with math, it’s difficult to do something you’re not practicing all the time.

First of all, why should you sound professional when writing an essay? Is it just ’cause the GED judges are snobs? I don’t think so. It’s more about making sure people can understand you. I mean, that’s what writing and talking is about in the first place, letting people know what you think, right? Sounding professional just means getting your ideas across in the best possible way by using a straight version of English that everyone can understand. Continue reading