GED Reading: How to Tackle Tough Passages

Hola, everyone! Hope the GED studying is going well. Here’s a comment from Sunflower on one of my blog posts, and I wanted to write some about it:

when I see a paragraph like this I get scared I feel like its to many words on the page can anyone give me suggestion on reading passage like these and understand what I’m reading I get lost after a few minutes of reading …

I know a lot of people feel this way! Continue reading

GED Reading Skill: Spelling

Hola, everyone! I guess spelling is a writing skill, but it’s a reading skill, too. The better speller you are, the easier you can recognize words in what you’re reading, and the more you read, the better speller you are. Since someone in GED Stories mentioned he wanted to get better at spelling, I thought I’d do a post about it. Continue reading