GED Essay: Prewriting Too…

I thought I’d take a practice question and show you how I try to prewrite about it… so here’s the question!

Sometimes, we don’t know in advance how we’ll react to a new situation.

Describe a time when you were faced with a new or difficult situation and explain your reaction. Do you wish you’d acted differently? Why or why not? Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge to support your essay.

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GED Essay: More About Brain Freeze

Vic wrote:

Well Good advice. But still unable to get Idea or moving to start to write essay I am worried to take my test on January 15th . and I need to start or just giving up. I did try reading every day for one month and copying others. Or, what was the other word for copying statements making it your own?
Still having hard time to come up with an idea to write!

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GED Essay: Brain Freeze on Essay Topics!!

Hello, everyone! Tanya wrote a good question, and I thought I’d put it in a blog post, too. She writes:

Im takeing my test next week,and I have a question about,how I start out an essay.Im also a little nervouse about,when they give you a topic,you have to write about it,my brain kinda freezes up.what if I can’t think of anything?How do I go about this? Please help!

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