GED Practice Question Answer: Political Cartoon

How’s the GED studying goin’? Last time, I gave you a GED question about a political cartoon. It’s important to remember that the GED test is about understanding pictures and things, also… I mean, you have to do a lot of reading, but you also have to look at things. Like political cartoons. So, here was the practice question I gave you: Continue reading

Political Cartoon GED Practice Question

Hey! Hope all of you are studyin’ hard for your GED test. I really can get into these political cartoons. Some of them don’t make sense, but some of them are pretty funny. It’s funny to see cartoons on the GED test, but I guess the whole idea is to make the GED about stuff in real life, and every day there’s new real-life political cartoons that people make, and people like me read! I never used to read them… that’s the good thing about the GED. I do things studying for the GED that I never did before. Continue reading