GED Math: Getting Your Street Math

You know, one of the things that helps me out with all this GED math is doin’ estimatin’ in my head. I figured this all comes from figurin’ out how much stuff costs, you know. It all comes back to the cash.

So try this… next time you go get groceries, keep track in your head how much you’re spending. Try to estimate the costs… you know, $1.50 instead of $1.38… to make it easier to add together the amounts in your head. When you get in the checkout line, see how close you were, and try to get closer each time you buy groceries. Maybe start with just buyin’ a few things, then more each time. That way, you can build up your street math, just like I got in my head.

GED Math: Dyscalculia

What up everyone?

I been hearing about this thing lately called dyscalculia. I ain’t never heard of that before, but I have heard ’bout dyslexia. So, I figured the two were linked. I looked it up, and it turns out they are. Discalculia’s kinda like dyslexia with numbers. Only it’s more than that. It effects people’s sense of time and space and all that. Check out this list of symptoms.

Anyway, it kinda helped me understand people a little better. Like, when I add up numbers, I just get it, you know? But if I think about it like dyslexia, that’s somethin’ I can understand. Sometimes I just don’t get words. It’s like they all a jumble, and I gotta slow down and really pay attention. But there’s people out there who can just scan a page real quick and tell you everything that be on it. Maybe those same people can’t get numbers like I can, right? Continue reading

GED Math: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving’s comin’ up ’round the corner, so I figured I put up a little something about turkey and stuff. Check it out:

A 12lb turkey at the grocery store costs $13.50 and feeds 8 people. A pint of potato salad costs $3.50 per pint, and one pint can feeds about 3 people. A large can of yams is on sale for $4, and that feeds 5 people. Finally, a pumpkin pie feeds about 6 people and costs $4.99. Paula is shopping for Thanksgiving and is planning on having 16 guests, including herself. How much will it cost to make sure there is enough of each item for everyone?

This is the kinda question that shows how Math can be practical for everyday use, right? I’ve never bought thanksgiving dinner myself, but sometimes you get some friends comin’ over for some pizza and beers, and you gotta know how much to buy for everyone (and how much you charge them at the door).

So first thing I gotta do here is write out all the information, to make sure I get what they’re askin’.

Paula’s got 16 people comin’ for dinner. First I gotta break down the problem and see how many people each type of food feeds. I’ll make a quick list.

12lb Turkey – $13.50 – Feeds 8

Potato Salad – $3.50 – Feeds 3

Yams – $4.00 – Feeds 5

Pumpkin – $4.99 – Feeds 6 Continue reading

GED Math: Taking a Closer Look

S’up y’all. Ready for some more GED Math?

I been thinkin’ about how sometimes we think we know the answer without looking at the whole problem, you know? Check this out.

Super Subs Inc. is planning on hiring new employees for the summer. They want to make sure their new employees are available to work on the busiest day of the week. Below is a chart of their four different stores, and how many sub sandwiches they sold at each store the previous week. According to this chart, which day will the new hires most likely need to work?


Continue reading

What Can GED Math Do for You?

Yo, one thing I know, math is part of life. Y’all pay yo’ bills every month, right? Gotta balance income and outgo? Math, right? Not jus’ that, but thinkin’ about what you wanna do after you get yo’ GED? Best payin’ jobs, all about math. Construction, design, computers, fightin’ fires, all of ’em use math one way or another. Not to mention trackin’ all yo’ favorite sports teams. I got dat down. Found this article, ’bout eighth graders learnin’ all about how math leads on to better careers… somethin’ we all could learn: Math Is Everywhere Continue reading

GED Math Word Problem Advice

Yo, guyz an’ gals. Connie wrote in askin’ for advice about word problems:

I’m not bad in math except when it comes to word problems any advice?

Hey, the GED’s real big on word problems, so you gotta get the hang of them. Why’d they gotta have word problems? Cuz they ain’t so much int’rested if you can figure out 3x + 4 = 12 as if you can figure out how much you’ll save each month if you buy generic soda instead of regular soda. See what I mean? One’s a plain math problem, the other’s a word problem. You’ve gotta first figure out what math you need to use it! See, my math teacher told me, math’s like a tool box. You got all these different math tools, and they help you do different things. You gotta know when to use what tool, to solve the problem you got in front of you. So, a math word problem is like a real-life problem that you might use math to solve. Okay, okay, whatcha really wanna know is, how to solve ’em? Continue reading

GED Math: Word Problem

Yo, all. Here’s another word problem from Zaher…

Satix is at a flea market. She wants to get the most knives at the lowest price. But she also wants to get at least one of each. The prices of the knives are: $ 4.30, $12.80, $11.50, $7.30, $ 7.50. If she has $50 to spend how much will her change be?

This is a tough word problem, so you gotta think it through. Hey, it’s great practice. Cuz if you can think through this, thinkin’ through some other word problems’ll be E-Z. This is what I call a number sense problem, cuz there ain’t no real advanced math, just makin’ sense of it, bein’ logical about it, and doin’ some basic math. Continue reading