GED Math: Dyscalculia

What up everyone?

I been hearing about this thing lately called dyscalculia. I ain’t never heard of that before, but I have heard ’bout dyslexia. So, I figured the two were linked. I looked it up, and it turns out they are. Discalculia’s kinda like dyslexia with numbers. Only it’s more than that. It effects people’s sense of time and space and all that. Check out this list of symptoms.

Anyway, it kinda helped me understand people a little better. Like, when I add up numbers, I just get it, you know? But if I think about it like dyslexia, that’s somethin’ I can understand. Sometimes I just don’t get words. It’s like they all a jumble, and I gotta slow down and really pay attention. But there’s people out there who can just scan a page real quick and tell you everything that be on it. Maybe those same people can’t get numbers like I can, right? Continue reading

GED Math: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving’s comin’ up ’round the corner, so I figured I put up a little something about turkey and stuff. Check it out:

A 12lb turkey at the grocery store costs $13.50 and feeds 8 people. A pint of potato salad costs $3.50 per pint, and one pint can feeds about 3 people. A large can of yams is on sale for $4, and that feeds 5 people. Finally, a pumpkin pie feeds about 6 people and costs $4.99. Paula is shopping for Thanksgiving and is planning on having 16 guests, including herself. How much will it cost to make sure there is enough of each item for everyone?

This is the kinda question that shows how Math can be practical for everyday use, right? I’ve never bought thanksgiving dinner myself, but sometimes you get some friends comin’ over for some pizza and beers, and you gotta know how much to buy for everyone (and how much you charge them at the door).

So first thing I gotta do here is write out all the information, to make sure I get what they’re askin’.

Paula’s got 16 people comin’ for dinner. First I gotta break down the problem and see how many people each type of food feeds. I’ll make a quick list.

12lb Turkey – $13.50 – Feeds 8

Potato Salad – $3.50 – Feeds 3

Yams – $4.00 – Feeds 5

Pumpkin – $4.99 – Feeds 6 Continue reading

GED Math: Taking a Closer Look

S’up y’all. Ready for some more GED Math?

I been thinkin’ about how sometimes we think we know the answer without looking at the whole problem, you know? Check this out.

Super Subs Inc. is planning on hiring new employees for the summer. They want to make sure their new employees are available to work on the busiest day of the week. Below is a chart of their four different stores, and how many sub sandwiches they sold at each store the previous week. According to this chart, which day will the new hires most likely need to work?


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Adding Mixed Fractions and Estimation

Valerie said:

hi all need adding mixed fractions please.


Hi curtis its valerie in florida again new question wow took the tape test and im ready to do the GED in Reading wow ok in math the total score was 5.0 G.E that she said had to get to 10.0 right ok she said to start in Estimation what is this rounding off ? please tell me what to do where to go in the ged study video ty.

Hey there, Valerie! First off, congrats on bein’ down with the reading. That’s one more done! Now, the math… Continue reading

GED Question from Mark: Changing Fractions to Decimals

Yo. Here’s a good question from Mark about somethin’ that’s real helpful for the GED: mental math. That’s doin’ math in your head. And it makes the GED math test easier and faster.

I used to work in a machine shop. Sometimes I would have to convert fractions to inches like 1/3. I know how to do that, all you have to do is divide 1 by 3. The question is, I always had to use a calculator, and I would like to do that without using a calcualtor. Every time I tried I would’nt get the proper answer. How do you do that without using a calculator.
Mark Continue reading