GED Practice Word Problem

Hey all. Zaher wrote in with this practice problem while back, and I thought it’d make a good post, so here it is:

A room is 24 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 9 feet high. How many square yards of wallpaper are needed to paper the four walls of the room?

You got your basic area problem, right? How do I know it’s “area”? Well, area is the space on the surface of something. Like, how much carpet covers a floor, or how many tiles on a bathroom wall. Or paint on a room. If you’re covering a surface, you’re talkin’ area. Now, how to solve it? Continue reading

GED Measurements: Adding Different Metric Units

Hey, all. I know math is what keeps a lot of people from their GED, so keep those math questions comin’, so I can get you the answers! Here’s a good question about the metric system from a GED student:

I have a question about the metric system. How do I add Grams and kilograms and milligrams, and decagrams together?

Add: 3.45g, 0.06kg, 0.67g, 690mg, 2dg? Continue reading

GED Math: The Metric System

Okay. Yeah. The metric system. We’ve all heard of it, right? Like, you go to the store, an’ you buy a 2-liter of Coke. That’s metric, right? Liters. They don’t sell you a gallon or 2 quarts, but 2 liters. Meters, grams… we’ve all heard of that stuff. But in the U.S., you got quarts and gallons like I said instead of liters, and miles or yards or feet instead of meters, and ounces and pounds instead of grams. So, why two diff’rnt systems? Why it gotta be two different ways? An’ why you gotta know 2 kindsa measurement for your GED? Continue reading

GED Math: Word Problems with Measurements and Percentages

Here’s a comment from Kandyce about the GED math test, let’s see if I can help:

Look my only problem with this whole G.E.D test are the word problems that involve measurements and precentages….. They stump me really bad and I just get so frustrated and give up on it…I need some advice on how to solve these problems…They really confuse me and the more and more I try the more frustrated I get at myself cause I just cannont solve them….If someone could give me some advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks -Kandyce

Hey, Kandyce. The GED has all kindsa word problems. So, the first thing is figurin’ out what they’re asking, then doin the math. Of course. Measurements and percentages is actually a lot of stuff, but let me walk thru a couple of examples, and if you have some other problems you’re havin’ trouble with, send ’em to me, and I’ll work them out to show you how I did it.

Okay, here’s an example problem with percents, like you might get on the GED. Continue reading