GED Writing: Comma Splices

Hi, again! How is your GED going? I’m going to spend some more time on common types of questions you’ll find in the GED writing multiple choice section. Last time, I talked about one type of fragment, or incomplete sentence. This time, I’m going to talk about the opposite: run-on sentences. One common type of run-on is called a comma splice, and you’ll find it in GED questions like this one: Continue reading

GED Writing: Fragments

Hi, all GED writers! I thought I’d go back to the GED writing multiple choice test, to go over some of the other common things on there. The GED writing test is different from the other tests, because it’s got two parts that are so completely different! The GED essay is one part, and of course, it’s different because you show your writing skills by writing an essay, something that you don’t have to do anywhere else on the test. The multiple choice test is the other part… it’s more like the rest of the exam, where you need to choose the right answer. But there are definitely a few skills to learn to do well! Continue reading

GED Writing: Multiple-Choice Test Practice Question

Hi, everyone! One thing I haven’t really talked about a lot is the GED multiple-choice writing test. To me, the GED essay is more important…it’s easier to learn to write a better essay than to learn all the little grammar on the GED writing multiple-choice test. But all the stuff on the GED writing test also helps you write better…clearer…and getting a higher score is always better! Continue reading