GED Math: Graphing Points and the Coordinate Plane Grid

Hey guys! I got something about the GED math test that you gotta know. The test’s got mostly multiple choice questions, about 80%. But there’s 20% of the questions that ain’t multiple choice, in those questions, you got two different types. I’m gonna give you the low-down on one of em, the “coordinate plane grid.” You prolly got no idea what dat is. Well, here’s the 411. Continue reading

Getting Ready for the GED Math Test

Hey, I know you ain’t just studying math to learn about numbers. You’re studying for the GED math test…and that means there are some special things you got to keep in mind. Because the GED math test isn’t just gonna have one thing on it. It’s gonna have a lot of stuff on it…and you’ll need to pull out of your memory something different you know for every question. I think that’s what makes a math test like this hard. There’s just a lot of different stuff to know! So, here’s some advice… Continue reading

Tryin’ Hard to Pass the GED Math?

Yo, y’all. Okay, I here lots of people sayin’ the GED math test is the hardest part of the GED. I get that. The GED math test asks you to know how to do math. That’s a skill that’s different from most of the rest of the GED, and it’s something lots of people start to forget after high school. It’s also somethin’ that’s not always taught the best…something people think is hard. Mr. W was givin’ some advice to people in the forums who keep tryin’ to pass the math test and keep not passing. Gotta be frustrating. Well, here’s what Mr. W wrote…

Hi, everyone! I know that a lot of people have trouble with the math test. And I’ve heard more than one person say that they’ve taken it more than once…gotten close to passing, but just can’t get all the way. I know it’s frustrating! But it’s possible to pass. Here are my suggestions…

  • Focus on taking practice tests and sample GED questions…especially ones that include the solutions, so that you can really get how to answer the questions. Try to find a study solution that will guide you through how to choose the correct answer, not just how to do different kinds of math. It’s a different experience taking the math test than just trying to do the math problems.
  • Pick one or two areas that you KNOW are on the test and that you KNOW give you problems… and really learn them through and through. For example…there are always questions about right triangles…or just angles in general. What about graphing equations? You know that’s on the test.Study the basics. Learn to do simple math in your head, and how to handle positive and negative numbers, fractions, and decimals while you’re working. The better you know basic math, the better you’ll do on ALL kinds of math.
  • Practice with word problems. Most of the GED math test is word problems, so having a good strategy to tackle them really helps!

Here are some links to more advice and help on the GED math test:

I get that word problems and practice questions really help for GED math. So, next time I’ll kick in with a practice GED word problem, and the right answer…so you can see how to get there. Write a comment if you got an area that you want to see a practice question for…algebra? geometry? right angles? decimals? Let me know what you need to learn…

From rwpalme: I need a GED A.S.A.P. for my job.

Hey! Thought I’d reply to this, cuz I hear about a lot of people need their GED right NOW! Yo, I know what you mean. Lots of people need a GED for their job… There was this story on GED stories about a woman who lost her job because she got a fake diploma instead of a real GED… Lots of jobs want you to have a diploma, either just for the job or to get promoted. And more and more are like that all the time. Continue reading