How to Pass the GED Essay?

Hi, again! Valerie wrote me to ask:

HI Yesterday I took the tape test at Ircc here in florida and the only one im ready for is reading 100% cool ok what is this essay thing.what do I have to write about. im 50 and Im going back to get my GED I got married at 18 and should have stayed in school. ok about this score on lahnguage was 7.4 has to be 10.0 .wow I have the GED study guide its great .


Congratulations on being ready to pass the GED reading test! Remember, that’s a success already. The good news is that the GED essay doesn’t have to be tough. Really, it’s more about realizing what kind of thing they expect you to write. Continue reading

Example GED Essay

Here is another example GED essay from a GED student. This is a good essay to read, because it really tells the person’s story. You get to know what really happened. That’s called a “narrative essay,” because it’s telling a story, and I think that’s the easiest kind of essay to write a lot of the time. Continue reading