GED Math: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Hey, all. Michael’s studyin’ for his GED, an he sent me this question:

am having problem with Lesson-7 page 491 on A. on Add or subtract as Directed reduce to the lowest terms.Am trying to figure out the form to work the fractions. am stuck on this one. Michael

Okay, here’s the rule with adding and subtracting fractions. Let’s start with a problem:

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Adding Mixed Fractions and Estimation

Valerie said:

hi all need adding mixed fractions please.


Hi curtis its valerie in florida again new question wow took the tape test and im ready to do the GED in Reading wow ok in math the total score was 5.0 G.E that she said had to get to 10.0 right ok she said to start in Estimation what is this rounding off ? please tell me what to do where to go in the ged study video ty.

Hey there, Valerie! First off, congrats on bein’ down with the reading. That’s one more done! Now, the math… Continue reading

GED Question from Mark: Changing Fractions to Decimals

Yo. Here’s a good question from Mark about somethin’ that’s real helpful for the GED: mental math. That’s doin’ math in your head. And it makes the GED math test easier and faster.

I used to work in a machine shop. Sometimes I would have to convert fractions to inches like 1/3. I know how to do that, all you have to do is divide 1 by 3. The question is, I always had to use a calculator, and I would like to do that without using a calcualtor. Every time I tried I would’nt get the proper answer. How do you do that without using a calculator.
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