GED Science: Glow-in-the-dark cats… Good science?

Yeah. This is totally something I want to see on the GED test… Cats that glow in the dark. How can the GED make something so interesting into boring multiple choice questions? So, did scientists make these cats to sell them to millionaires for big bucks? To write funner GED practice questions? Or can glow-in-the-dark cats really help scientists cure diseases and save endangered species? I thought about it a lot, cuz it seemed weird to me. I think the answer’s in how they do the cloning, tho, and that’s GED science thinking. Continue reading

GED Science! Rock-throwing chimp!

Hey! Like, I read this article, about a chimp at a zoo. Now, if I were in a zoo, like on an alien planet or something, I’d be totally pissed off. Right? Well, I guess this chimp is, too. Cuz here’s what he does. He gets some rocks, right, and he saves ’em up for later. And then when there’s people at the zoo, he’s got his rocks all ready to throw at ’em. That’s one mean chimp. But hey–what’s that got to do with science?

Continue reading

GED Science: Eek! Water Monsters!

Hey, kewl dudes! How’s all your GED science goin’? I seriously wanna talk about monsters, but I gotta say somethin’ first to all you GED studiers. I like, got a comment that science is totally whack, but I couldn’t post it (sorry dude) cuz of swearing. I get it, totally. I mean, science used to make me swear all the time, till I realized that all the kewl science fiction is based on science… and all the kewl stuff we got like iPods and iPhones and XBoxes and, hey, even the comment box to put your swearing into is all based on science. Yeah, I know, science’s got math and sometimes it’s tough to understand. But it so totally rocks, dudes, cuz of all the weird stuff that can CHANGE THE WORLD! Continue reading