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Now that I’m all done with that practice GED essay, going through the whole writing process, I’m ready to help you with whatever you need! We’ve been talking about the best way to help people, and we decided to ask you… what do you want to know? Send me any questions about the GED essay, the GED writing test, the writing process, essays in general, or just writing… let me know what you want to know! You can post a comment here, or you can e-mail me at

GED Practice Essay: Revising the Conclusion

Okay! I’m on the final step of revising my practice GED essay. That’s the conclusion. I think a good conclusion is really important on the GED. The GED readers look for organization, and a good conclusion shows good organization. The GED readers are also people…and people like a good conclusion. It leaves you with a good impression, since it’s the last thing you read. Continue reading

GED Practice Essay: Revising the Third Paragraph

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m revising my GED essay. Going through the same questions with each paragraph gives me practice using the questions to revise… and these are the questions GED readers use to grade the GED essay test. That’s what you want to do… make your GED essay fit what the GED readers look for. Continue reading

GED Test Essay: Revising

Last time, I finished a draft of a GED essay, and I know a lot of people want to stop after they wrote their draft for the GED. It’s hard to write, after all, and maybe you just want to be done with it! I know I feel that way sometimes. But going back and reading over your writing, and making changes, can make it so much better. So, I’m going to talk about editing my GED essay. Continue reading

GED Test Essay: Drafting the Conclusion

Happy New Year everyone! The old year is ending, and the new one’s coming up, with lots of possibilities for the future, right? Like passing the GED test! I guess we’re talking about endings and beginnings for the GED essay, too. I’ve been working on this GED essay practice question, and last time I drafted the middle of a GED essay question. Now it’s time to draft the conclusion… then a whole new step begins. Continue reading

GED Writing: What Do I Really Mean?

Sometimes, when I write, I get so involved in trying to pick out a really good word or a really pretty way to say something… well, I either get stuck, or it turns out sounding too formal or just wrong. It’s hard to figure out.

One thing Mr. Williams taught me is that good writing sounds natural. It doesn’t sound formal or forced… so whenever I feel like I’m just getting caught up in a bunch of words, I sit back and ask myself… what do I really mean? What am I trying to say? Then I try to say it like I think it, as simply as possible.

Here’s an example of something I wrote when I got all caught up in the words…

The most important thing to me now that my children are all grown up is to have good relationships with my children, who are away in several places far from me.

It’s just too long, isn’t it? Or something. I have to think about what I really mean, and then rewrite it. How would you rewrite it? I’ll let you know what I did next week.

Writing Prompts

Hi again! Here’s a good link I found… it’s another journal writing help. It’s just a list of questions, and you can write an answer to one each day.

The important thing is to use the question to really write something… Think about what it’s asking, and try to write a whole paragraph to give an answer, not just one or two words. It’s writing practice, so you’ve got to write!

The first one is this: What is something you dislike about yourself?

Here’s what I tried to write:

One thing I don’t like about myself is that I’m always unsure. I guess I’m not very optimistic. I feel like the choices I make will usually be wrong, and sometimes it’s better not to make any choice at all! But that doesn’t turn out too well, either. I think that if I just think through a problem and trust myself to make a good decision, then things will turn out better. I need to practice clear thinking so that I can make good decisions and be more sure of myself!

Try writing a paragraph yourself, and let me know in the comments what you wrote!