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Okay. I know you’re all out there studying for your GED, dudes, and you’ve got one science question you just don’t get… or one thing about science that don’t make any sense to you. Want a magic solution?!? Just ask a question, and the great Dwayne-o will give you the answer. That’s right… I betcha I can answer any GED science question you got. So, put a comment on this post or e-mail me at

GED Science: Spinning and Spinning

You know what I love? The fair! It’s got all those crazy rides that spin you all around, and up and down, and I feel like I’m gonna get sick, but I just keep riding them!! They’ve always got these deals going too where you can get a bracelet or something and ride all day long! I used to be able to ride on those spinning ones (the one at my fair was called the GRAVITRON!!) all day and night, but nowadays I can only ride them a couple of times, and then I gotta take a breather and go on a much more tame ride, like a roller coaster.

Check out this practice question I found about the GRAVITRON!

A man stands on a ride at an amusement park that spins around. As the ride spins faster, the man is pushed back against the outer wall and finds it very difficult to pull himself away from it.

Which statement best explains this event?

1. There is glue on the wall holding him on.

2. The ride is creating a magnetic force that pulls the man toward the metal in the walls.

3. The ride is creating a new center of gravity inside the walls.

4. The spinning of the ride creates a centrifugal force that pushes the man outward from the center.

5. The ride creates an optical illusion the makes the man think he is falling backward into the wall. Continue reading

GED Science: Greenhouse FX!

Hey dudes, it’s jacket time! Seriously, it’s cold out there!!! Sometimes I have to wear a thermal under shirt, two t-shirts, a small sweatshirt, a giant sweatshirt, AND a jacket when I got outside! Then I’m nice and toasty! It doesn’t snow where I live, but sometimes I go up to the mountains and snowboard! I’ve got serious snowboarding skillz! I do flips and jump off trees and buildings and even people! …ok, well I run into trees and buildings and people. But other than carving ice, there’s not much to do when it’s cold but FREEZE! I like the summer way better.

However, if it weren’t for the greenhouse effect, we’d all be ice statues! Check it out!!

Greenhouse Effect

Continue reading

GED Science: Crazy Clones!?

Dudes, I delivered pizza to this creepy government experiment family the other day. They were all wearin’ white shirts and jeans, and all of them had short brown hair. Like they were a bunch of clones! I was sweatin’ so hard by the time they paid me, I just knew they were gonna suck me into their clone vortex and spit me out to be just like one of them. No way, dude, I’d never wear a white shirt. I’d get pizza stains all over it in an instant! Man, all my shirts are serious tomato sauce magnets. Hey, I wonder if my shirts have been secretly altered by the government too… I think it’s time to buy some new shirts! (Maybe the ones with, like, cool fire designs all across the chest, so you wouldn’t even notice all the pizza stains!)

So, today’s GED Science problem has to do with creepy clones! Ok, so maybe not clones, but families that look alike.

Which of the following would provide the best evidence of a blood relation?

1.) The two people look alike.

2.) Matching fingerprints

3.) Similar interests

4.) Legal documentation stating a blood relation

5.) DNA analysis Continue reading

GED Science: Peanuts!

Dudes! So, like, part of GED science is studying your own body… and health, and stuff like that. Like, did you know I’m allergic to peanuts? Seriously. Get those things away from me! I found a science article about peanut allergies, too… Some scientists did a study about kids allergic to peanuts. And guess what the solution is to peanut allergies that they found? PEANUTS!

Here’s how it works… the kids ate a little bit of peanuts every day, and their bodies sort of got used to dealing with them. They built up a tolerance for peanuts. Man, I wish I’d done that when I was little! But be careful, this article says that it’s just a study for now… and no one should do it without a doctor. You don’t want to set off your peanut allergies. No kidding! The article’s called “Children Can Complete Treatment For Peanut Allergies And Achieve Long-term Tolerance, Studies Suggest”

Here’s a GED Practice question from the article… First, read this paragraph from the article:

Duke and Arkansas Children’s Hospital began enrolling patients in studies five years ago to determine if incremental doses of peanut protein could change how the body’s immune system responds to its presence. The doses start as small as 1/1000 of a peanut. Eight to 10 months later, the children are ingesting the equivalent of up to 15 peanuts per day. The children stay on that daily therapy for several years and are monitored closely.

So, based on this study, what might a scientist hypothesize would be an effective treatment for an allergy to milk?

1) a regular daily dose of 1/1000 oz. of milk

2) a daily dose of milk, beginning at a very small quantity and slowly increasing

3) a daily dose of milk, beginning at the maximum tolerable quantity and slowly decreasing

4) a daily dose of 10 oz. of milk for 8 to 10 months

5) a small dose of milk administered at random intervals

So, what’d’ya think? Read more to find the answer… Continue reading

GED Science: “Virtual Smart Home Controlled By Your Thoughts”

Kewl! That’s totally the title of this article I found: “Virtual Smart Home Controlled By Your Thoughts” … sweet! I mean, when’s the last time my thoughts controled anything? The kewl thing about GED science, doodz, is that real science is doin’ all kindza kewl sci-fi type stuff. In REAL LIFE! Okay, so what’s it all about? Continue reading

Doodz! Permission to Daydream When Studying GED Science!!!

Hey! Dudes! Havin’ lots of fun studyin’ GED science? Man, I just saw this article, and I guess I must be smarter than I think. See, whenever I’m in class, y’know, I get to thinkin’, an’ my mind starts wanderin’, an’ next thing I know, I’m like daydreamin’ I got a light saber and battling gooey green monsters on other planets. See? So, when the teacher asks me ’bout the GED questions… well… y’know how it is.

Well, I jus’ read about how our brains are like, totally active when we’re daydreaming. So I guess I’m all solvin’ problems without knowin’ it… just not the one’s I’m s’posed to be thinkin’ bout. Here’s the link to read all ’bout it… Daydream Brainy-Science

So, here’s a practice question on that article… an’ don’t daydream till after you’re done answerin’ it! Continue reading

GED Science! Rock-throwing chimp!

Hey! Like, I read this article, about a chimp at a zoo. Now, if I were in a zoo, like on an alien planet or something, I’d be totally pissed off. Right? Well, I guess this chimp is, too. Cuz here’s what he does. He gets some rocks, right, and he saves ’em up for later. And then when there’s people at the zoo, he’s got his rocks all ready to throw at ’em. That’s one mean chimp. But hey–what’s that got to do with science?

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The Scientific Method: GED Science MUST-KNOW!

Hey, Dudes! The GED science test’s got a lot of stuff on it… but one thing you really KNOW is gonna be on there is science experiments. I love science experiments, dudes. Like, mad scientist stuff, you know… making invisibility cloaks and glow-in-the-dark slime. But you gotta know something about how experiments are done…and why… and that means understanding the scientific method. Continue reading