GED Social Studies Important Idea: Separation of Powers

On the GED test, there are some important ideas you need to know about government and the big ideas behind government in the U.S. I was thinking about the last thing I talked about, redistricting, made me think about it. I mean, when people were using redistricting to discriminate against blacks or other minorities, other people brought it to court. The Supreme Court decided whether the people making laws were right or wrong. So, one part of the government can stop another part of the government from doing something. Continue reading

Political Cartoons… They’re on the GED!

So, you know what’s on the GED test that’s fun and interesting to study? Political cartoons! Yes, there always seem to be political cartoons on the GED practice tests. They want you to look at them, understand them, and make conclusions about them. So, here’s some fun practice for GED social studies… go look at political cartoons! Continue reading

GED Civics Practice Question: Redistricting

Civics means government, and now’s the time when everyone’s thinking about the government… that is, election time! The GED has questions about government and voting, so you’ve got to know it. Plus, it’s important in your life. I mean, voting’s going on right now, and it’s going to change the government and who’s got the power.
Continue reading

GED Practice Question Answer: Supreme Court Decision

So, how’s the GED studying going? How are you doing? Are you beginning to understand some things about GED social studies? There’ve been a lot of Supreme Court decisions lately… the Supreme Court said the Second Amendment makes an anti-gun law in Washington, D.C. illegal, that was important. It means a lot of gun laws in the U.S. might need to change! And the Supreme Court also said that the prisoners in Guantanamo have a right to a hearing with a judge to say if the government has enough evidence to keep them. That’s a big deal, too. Well, my GED practice question was about that decision…. Continue reading

GED Social Studies Practice Question

Okay, I promised you a practice question for the GED social studies test… and here’s one on the constitution, like I’ve been talking about…. Have you been listening to the news? Because the Supreme Court made an important decision, applying the Constitution to the prisoners the military is holding at Guantanamo. Continue reading

GED Civics: The Bill of Rights

Okay, last time I talked about the Constitution. That’s one of the big, important documents in American government that is likely to be on the GED test somewhere! Well, one of the most important parts of the Constitution is the Bill of Rights. That’s the first ten Amendments to the Constitution…added at the end. They’re a pretty big deal, so let’s talk about them. Here’s what the amendments say, in simple language: Continue reading

GED Social Studies: U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence

Hi there! Last time, I talked a little bit about the Declaration of Independence…and there’s a question on the Declaration of Independence in Maria’s blog too. She mentions it, but she doesn’t really talk about what it is. I think the two most important documents in U.S. history are the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and sometimes people don’t really understand what they are and which is which. So, I thought I’d talk about it. Continue reading

GED Social Studies: Declaration of Independence

Hey, everyone! The GED social studies test has questions on it from important documents in American history. That means, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and major Supreme Court cases. Now, I don’t know about you, but all that stuff is hard to get! But I figured out that it’s not really that hard to understand the ideas…just the language is hard. Here’s an example: The Declaration of Independence. That was written when the American colonies wanted to make their own country…the U.S. Continue reading