Rice Ratios… Gotta love that GED Math.

Ratios are pretty important for the GED math test. And if you can use ’em ever day, like when you’re cooking, you’ll exercise your GED thinking muscles. It’s pretty easy, right? A ratio just shows the relationship between two numbers. 1:2 ratio means, if you got 1 of something, you have 2 of something else. So not all GED test stuff is hard. Continue reading

GED Math for Christmas?

Hey, I just heard on the TV news, how you’re only s’posed to spend 1.5% of your year’s takehome pay on Christmas gifts… yeah, it’s that time of the year again… so if I’m makin’ $20,000 grand… 20,000 x .015 = $300 … (1% is 200, plus half that, $300)… Can’t have Christmas on 300 bucks! Gotta get my GED, start rakin’ in the real dough.