GED Vocabulary Building

I think that I’ve got to take a break from GED poetry for a while. It’s hard, right? One of the things that makes poetry hard, and some of the other reading on the GED is vocabulary. I’ve given some vocabulary advice for the GED test before, but I thought it would help to give some more advice on how to build your vocabulary…learn more words before you take the GED test. Continue reading

GED Practice Question: Reading Poetry

¡Hola! How’s the GED studying? You know, I kind of always thought poetry was pointless, but now I’m looking at it for the GED test, and I like some of it. This poem we went over, kind of reminds me of my mom, how she’s always there for me, always solid, you know. I guess I want to be like that for my Roberto. I thought I’d think up a GED practice question for it. Continue reading

GED Poetry… Ugh!

I started out talking about metaphors for the GED reading section last time… (Prospero Año Nuevo, by the way…) Anyway, it led me into poetry. I know, it’s the hardest thing, right? But the GED reading test’s gonna have poetry on it. And sometimes I like poetry, you know. It’s a matter of figuring out what they’re trying to say… that’s what reading’s about, right? It’s what the GED is about. Continue reading

GED Reading: Metaphor… Saying one thing to mean another…

Here’s something you need to know for GED reading… One thing that’s on the GED test and that confuses people when they’re reading (me, at least!) is what’s called a metaphor. Do you remember learning about them in high school? Metaphors are used in literature all the time. That’s when you say one thing, but you really mean another thing. Continue reading