GED Studies Help… Ask a Question

Hey… Well, who knows what you need to know about for GED social studies better than you do? What idea is really hard to understand? What question is really difficult to answer? What do you want me to figure out and explain? Now, I’m asking you to send in all your GED social studies questions, so I can get you some answers to what you want to know. You can post a comment here, or e-mail me at

GED Social Studies Important Idea: Separation of Powers

On the GED test, there are some important ideas you need to know about government and the big ideas behind government in the U.S. I was thinking about the last thing I talked about, redistricting, made me think about it. I mean, when people were using redistricting to discriminate against blacks or other minorities, other people brought it to court. The Supreme Court decided whether the people making laws were right or wrong. So, one part of the government can stop another part of the government from doing something. Continue reading

Political Cartoons… They’re on the GED!

So, you know what’s on the GED test that’s fun and interesting to study? Political cartoons! Yes, there always seem to be political cartoons on the GED practice tests. They want you to look at them, understand them, and make conclusions about them. So, here’s some fun practice for GED social studies… go look at political cartoons! Continue reading

GED Civics Practice Question: Redistricting

Civics means government, and now’s the time when everyone’s thinking about the government… that is, election time! The GED has questions about government and voting, so you’ve got to know it. Plus, it’s important in your life. I mean, voting’s going on right now, and it’s going to change the government and who’s got the power.
Continue reading

GED Social Studies… Life Around the World

I found this great article by a Peace Corps volunteer who’s working in Honduras. When you want a glass of water, you probably turn on your faucet and there it is. You’re probably like me, you don’t even think about it. But this village in Honduras, they have pipes that go to a stream nearby. In the summer, they’re all dried up, and in the winter, the water’s not clean.

This is the story of the Peace Corps volunteer, Joan Heberger, trying to get a plan together to get water to the village.

Read the story, and I’ll have a GED practice question for it next week.