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Now that I’m all done with that practice GED essay, going through the whole writing process, I’m ready to help you with whatever you need! We’ve been talking about the best way to help people, and we decided to ask you… what do you want to know? Send me any questions about the GED essay, the GED writing test, the writing process, essays in general, or just writing… let me know what you want to know! You can post a comment here, or you can e-mail me at

19 thoughts on “GED Writing Help… Ask Me a Question…

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  4. HI Yesterday I took the tape test at Ircc here in florida and the only one im ready for is reading 100% cool ok what is this essay thing.what do I have to write about. im 50 and Im going back to get my GED I got married at 18 and should have stayed in school. ok about this score on lahnguage was 7.4 has to be 10.0 .wow I have the GED study guide its great .

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  6. Im about to take my math test,I am horrible in math.right now I am working on word probloms.How do I know if these word probloms are asking me to subtract,divide,multiply or add.please help.

  7. Hi GED help,

    I need help with writing an eassay, but don’t know where to go or who to ask to help check my work so I can get it right. I haven’t even wrote one, because I feel it don’t matter, there’s nobody to check it anyway.

    I’m pretty good in math except when it comes to word problems any advice?

    • Hey, Connie! Do please send me your practice essays, and I’ll take a look and give you some feedback to help you learn. You’re not alone! And it’s not as hard as it might seem. Take a shot at it!

      Plus, I wanted to say, there’s a LOT you can do on your own. You’ll actually learn more trying to figure things out for yourself, actively, than you do sometimes with a teacher. The problem is being motivated to sit down and figure it all out. I know it’s hard! But do give it a try. And then send me your results, and we’ll get some work on it together. Let me know what you think of your essay, too… that will help your self-evaluation skills (which you’ll need during the GED essay test!)

      I’ve passed your math question on to Curtis.

  8. my son has diabetes, and fears the amount of time one is required to spend taking the full ged test, will be too much for him.Is there any provisions concerning people who have illnesses?

  9. Hi GED help,I have been working on my Ged for a few monthes now,and I have took all my test’s and past them,the only one I have left is my worst subject and that’s math,I have been working on that for a month now and Im so over wellmed,I feel like Im not doing so good on fractions,or story probloms and I know there is alot in the test,I cant tell if the story probloms are asking me to divide,or multiply,or both I get really confused on all that,my test is in 2 weeks,Can you help me?p.s thank you for the help on my writting essay,I scored a 510,

    • Tanya, I mainly help with writing, but I think you ought to check out Curtis’s blog. He’s real good at math. It’s at:

      You can write him with any problem you’re having trouble with and he’ll help you out. You can email, or comment at his blog. But here’s some good posts to look at:

      For fractions, this link’ll show you all his fraction posts:
      Another thing to keep in mind is, if fractions give you trouble, try changing them to decimals to work with, to see if that helps! I’d much rather use decimals than fractions any time!

      For the word problems (story problems), this link will show you all his posts:

      Lots of people have trouble with these! The big thing that helps me out, is to really think of what multiplication and division mean. Multiplication means you’ve got a bunch of copies of something. So, 8 times 7 means having eight 7’s, like if you made 8 copies of a 7-sheet report. It’s like 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 … 7 eight times. So, when something repeats, like 12 car payments of $250, that’s multiplication. It’s repeating the $250 12 times. Yikes! And division, you’re dividing something big up. Like a pizza cut into 8 slices is the pizza DIVIDED by 8. So, when you’ve got to cut something up into equal pieces, you divide… like if you’re going 120 miles and get 30 miles a gallon, how much gas do you use? You’ve got to “cut up” the 120 miles into 30-mile pieces. How many 30 mile pieces do you get (each one uses a gallon of gas)? You divide 120 by 30, to get 4… 4 gallons. I’m pretty sure Curtis will explain it better!

      Don’t feel overwhelmed. You can do this. It’s only one test to go!!!

  10. i am getting ready to take my GED and i was wondering if you have to do it on paper are you allowed to do it in manuscript rather than cursive…? please help! i really suck at cursive because i am Homeschooled and I’ve never really had to do it all that often. my hand also gets tired very quickly using cursive due to a type or carple tunnel. (sorry if i spelled that wrong, lol)… any help you could give me would be appreciated! thanks…

  11. Hi Gustavo, did you want to send writing samples to me? You can always post your writing here on this board and I’ll take a look at it and see if I can help you.

    You can keep an eye on my blog if you want to see examples of writing. Here’s a couple sites that have full essay examples too. I like the first one best. The second one is a little repetitive, but it’s a good example of how to structure your essay.

  12. hi my name is diane .i’m taking the test in 2 weeks need help on the writing part .my ged question is think of a famous person you indentify with .name that person ,explain why you feel connected

  13. Hi, my name is Nancy and I keep studying my GEd for 5 months but in Home , Because I have 3 children’s and I don’t have nobody to help me to take care of them :(.My question is: I’m not good written in English my language is Spanish , but I understand a lot I’m afraid to take the Essay test because my English is not Good 🙁 Do you think I can do it ? I’m study really hard to prepare mysel for the big day . The GED examination please help me do you think I can give up or continue with my dream to pass my GED . Thanks

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