GED Science…Simple Machines

Machines? Simple? Dude, I always get confused by machines. I ain’t like Curtis, like, all knowin’ how to fix cars and everything. But on the GED science test, you gotta know some basic stuff about machines. An’ they got these things, you wouldn’t even think they were machines at all that are called “simple machines.”

Here’s what they are… you’ve got a lever. That’s where you push down on one side and the other goes up, like a teeter totter… but you don’t even think about some of the things that are levers. The part of a hammer that pulls out a nail is a lever, and a bottle opener that you use to open your brewsky is a lever, too.

Then, there’s a ramp. Also known as an “inclined plane.” Why they gotta have all kindsa complicated name? It’s just a ramp. It makes it easier to push things up and pull things down. Don’t sound like a machine, do it? But it is.

Then, there’s a wheel and axle. You got that on your car. And your shopping cart. And your bicycle. Wheels is good to move things around!

Then, there’s a screw. Yup, a screw, like to screw into the wall, or screw a lightbulb into a socket. That’s a kind of machine, too.

And there’s a wedge. That’s used to push things apart. Like, a saw is a wedge, cuz you wedge it into a piece of wood to push the halves apart.

And, there’s a pulley, like you see in garages to pull things up. What’s the point of all these machines? They make it easier to do stuff. Yup, machines save work, and that’s why I like ’em. And, you can put ’em together to make complex machines. Now that’s kewl!

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