GED Science Conspiracies… Does the Government Want Your Hair?

Want to learn some GED science, and find out how the government’s gonna invade your privacy in the future? One single strand of hair… and THEY can tell where you were all last year? Can they tell what planet I was abducted to, that’s what I wanna know! Yeah, it’s true, a new science study can figure out where you were by lookin’ at your hair.

Here’s the link to see the story, Hair test can track movements. (I always read the science news now, to get more kewl GED science for the GED test.) What they do is, they look at what stuff’s in the tap water (yeah, there’s all sorts of minerals and stuff in tap water). Then, they look at what’s in your hair. And they know how fast hair grows, so they match what’s in different parts of your hair with what’s in the water at different places in the U.S. They can tell where you’ve been! It’s time to start getting PARANOID!

Here’s the important thing: How’s it work? That’s what science is about, asking how’s it work. It’s the same way that drug tests work. When you get something into your blood stream, it moves around in your blood. One of the places your blood goes is up into the roots of your hair…the follicle, where the hair attaches to your head. When it gets there, a little bit of whatever’s in your blood gets transfered to the new hair as it grows. So your hair’s like a timeline of everything that’s been in your blood as long as your hair’s been growing. Kewl, right?

Want to know all sorts of kewl stuff about hair? Check it out:

Hey, pay attention. Hair is part of your body… that means it’s part of science. That’s life science… and biology too, the science of living things. So, asking things like how does hair grow and how does stuff get in your hair is really science, and that can help you with your GED!

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