GED Math Question from Greg: “I just don’t understand most of the math problems.”

greg said: “i have failed the math test 2 times and in need to pass it . i just dont understand most of the math problems . i need some help”

If you don’t understand most of the math problems on the GED test, you got to start with a good GED math study program. You gotta make sure you’re choosin’ something that’s for the GED and that can explain the math to you, in a way you understand. Maybe there’s adult ed classes near you. Check with community colleges, and the local high school counselor can maybe help you find out if there’s any GED adult ed classes. Maybe you’ve got a friend or someone in your family that can help you study. Maybe you can afford a tutor, but most people can’t. You can find them through schools, too.

You can get a GED study book, but a lot of the time people find them hard to really understand. You can get books at the GED Academy online bookstore, and it tells you a little about different GED books and how good they are. The other thing is an online study program, like The GED Academy study program. Hey, you can learn some stuff from my blog and from other places on line, but it sure ain’t as easy that way as from a study program that explains everything to you.

Go online, look around, check out all the GED study stuff that’s out there, and pick something that’s really gonna help you learn, something that’s gonna walk you through the basics and help you understand.

Now, I’m happy to help you out. If you say, hey, I got a problem understandin’ right triangles, I jus’ can’t figure out how to find the long side, or anything like that, I can help you out. Jus’ send me a comment, and I’ll explain how to do it. But to really get serious about it, you got to find a book, a study program, or a class so you can study a little bit every day. Like, an hour a day… and pretty soon you’ll be doin’ all kindsa math.

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