GED Math Question from Pegalina: “I Just Can’t Seem to Pass It”

pegalina said: “i have taken the math GED test 4 times and all 4 times i have only been able to get 400 ALL 4 TIMES. it is so frustrating and i just cant seem to pass it. ANY ADVICE????”

Hey, Pegalina. Wow. A 400 score 4 times in a row… totally frustrating! Girl, I feel your pain. Okay. Here’s what you gotta do. You gotta figure out a couple of things you KNOW is on the test that you KNOW you’re getting wrong. Geometry? There’s always questions about right triangles. Or parallel lines with another line through them. Algebra? I see quadratic equations on there, and I KNOW everyone gets those things wrong. Or those graphs with points on them. Or maybe > greater than and < less than. You’ve got some experience takin’ the test, and you prolly have a practice test you’ve taken. What’s something you see more than once that you know you have trouble with?

The hard part is figuring out two or three things that are like that, things that give you trouble. Then, go learn them backward and forward. Cuz you’re focused on a couple of things, it’s not too hard. You obviously got a lot of the basic stuff. You can focus on just two or three things to learn. An’ if you learn ’em, you can bump that score up… them nasty, nasty last 10 points.

The only other thing I can tell you is be careful on the GED test with little things like negative numbers and decimal points that cause a lot of problems if you skip ’em. An’ I know you’re already doing this, but be sure to answer all the questions, even if you have to guess. Just eliminate all the answers you KNOW are wrong before guessin’.

Good luck, girl, an’ come back and comment when you get that GED!

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