Mummy Dinosaurs Attack! (not really… just more GED science…)

But wouldn’t it be kewl?!?! Like, say you opened the tomb of the great Tyrano-Tut and there… instead of an Egyptian king… was a mummified T-Rex, and he’d be real hungry, too after all those years in a tomb. So he comes to life right there and eats three graduate students in one bite! Kewl. Totally.

Well, maybe it’s not exactly like that. But look at this article:

Dinosaur Mummy Found with Fossilized Skin and Soft Tissues

Doesn’t that make you think of giant T-rexes wrapped in bandages rampaging around New York? Kewl.

This dinosaur thing isn’t really an Egyptian-type mummy, it just got mummified like on accident. It’s kinda kewl that a 16-year-old discovered it (wish I’d done that!), but what’s science-kewl about it? I mean, why do scientists care? Isn’t it just another dinosaur they found? What’s the big deal that it’s got skin and tissue?

See if you can figure it out… and I’ll do the same thing, and I’ll let you know what I figured out in my next post.

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