GED Science: “Virtual Smart Home Controlled By Your Thoughts”

Kewl! That’s totally the title of this article I found: “Virtual Smart Home Controlled By Your Thoughts” … sweet! I mean, when’s the last time my thoughts controled anything? The kewl thing about GED science, doodz, is that real science is doin’ all kindza kewl sci-fi type stuff. In REAL LIFE! Okay, so what’s it all about?

It’s like this… they put something on your head, like a sweet sci-fi swimming cap, with thingies all over it in different colors. Only it reads your thoughts. It’s connected to a computer… and when you think of what you want the computer to do, it does it! Totally sweet, man, like they say if you hooked somethin’ like that up to a TV, you could use it instead of a remote control. And jus’ sit on your couch and not even press a button… jus’ think about what you want your TV to do. Oh, yeah, an’ it helps people with disabilities and stuff do things, cuz you can control stuff with your THOUGHTS, like Magneto!

Kay… here’s an excerpt from the article, and a GED practice question, to help you rock your GED science…

Light switches, TV remote controls and even house keys could become a thing of the past thanks to brain-computer interface (BCI) technology being developed in Europe that lets users perform everyday tasks with thoughts alone. …

“The BCI lets people turn on lights, change channels on the TV or open doors just by thinking about it,” explains Christoph Guger, the CEO of Austrian medical engineering company g.tec that developed the application.

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Which of these computer devices does a brain-computer interface perform a similar function to?

1) printer

2) scanner

3) mouse

4) monitor

5) headphones

So…. what’s your answer? Seriously, doodz, think through it… the question is what’s called APPLICATION… you got to apply what you know about this brain-computer interface (kewl!) to something else. It’s askin’ you what the function of the BCI is. What’s the function? That means, what’s it DO? Like, it turns on lights, changes channels… so, it’s like a light switch or remote control, all in one. It tells the machines what to do. So, which of the five choices tells the machine what you want it to do?

When you look at it that way, it’s not so hard, right? It’s the mouse that tells the computer what you want it to do… and it works just fine, until the computers start thinkin’ for themselves……. but that’s another story. Good GED studyin’ guys!!! Go read about more science!

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