GED Science: The Truth Is Out There.

Hey, dudes. I’m, like, totally bummed. Here’s the thing. It’s like you can’t trust anything you read about science! I wrote a while ago about this Dancing Dinosaurs article, where some scientists found a bunch of dinosaur footprints all in one place, and even, like, a dinosaur tail track! Kewl!!! I dig dinosaurs, y’know?!

Well, the other day, I saw THIS article: “Dinosaur experts bust up prehistoric party theory” Dudes! It’s just like them comin’ and bustin’ up my party.

Seems like some scientists went to check out the dinosaur footprints, and they said they weren’t footprints AT ALL! Like, they’re potholes, these new scientists say. So, you’ve got one group of scientists saying “Dino footprints!” and another group saying, “Naw, just potholes.” How’s anyone s’posed to know anything?

Seriously, I wanna talk about this, cuz it’s got me thinking. That article calls the dinosaur gathering ground idea a ‘theory,’ and I think it’s a good idea to get to know that word. The word ‘theory’ in science don’t just mean someone’s idea of what’s true… it’s gotta be an idea with evidence behind it. Some scientists thought there was evidence for dinosaurs gathering there, but that was only one group of scientists’ analysis of the rocks there. Now, another group of scientists says somethin’ different. That means, they got to go back and do more work, and maybe the first idea was totally wrong.

There’s lots of studies that scientists do all the time, and any one study could be totally wrong. Maybe the study design is bad. Maybe somethin’ wacky happened. Maybe the scientists are misinterpreting all the info they’ve got. Who knows! That’s why Science (with a big, capital S) isn’t about one study or one person’s idea. It’s about a lot of studies, over time, by different scientists, and what all of them show. The more information is gathered together and talked about and thought about and written about, the more sure scientists are about what they know. That’s how the big Theories (with a big, capital T) with lots of evidence get made, theories like evolution, the Big Bang, and gravity.

Okay. That’s what I got to say! An’ it’s important for your GED, too. I mean, you gotta know how scientists figure stuff out, right? And what they do when they have conflicting ideas. So, onward into more science! The truth is out there… and science is the way to find it!!

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