Invisibility Cloak! The Future Is Now…er, Soon…with GED Science!

Okay, GED science time! Kewl… I totally can’t believe my dreams are gonna become reality. Did you ever want to be invisible? I sure did… you know, sneaking into movie theaters… pretending to be a ghost and haunting Curtis… awesome! And pretty soon, they’ll be real invisibility cloaks… I just gotta save up my money, dudes, cuz I bet they’ll be expensive.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a link to the science article:

See, here’s what it says:

Scientists in the US say they are a step closer to developing materials that could render people invisible.

Researchers at the University of California in Berkeley have developed a material that can bend light around 3D objects making them “disappear”.

Dude! It’s stuff that bends light. Weird. Wait, it’s kinda like a mirror, right? See, light hits the mirror and bounces off at the same angle… so looking in a mirror is like looking out of the mirror at yourself… weird.

So, you know that light can be ┬ábent, right? It can hit a mirror and bounce off… cuz it bounces off at just the right angle, all the light rays stay together and you can see what’s behind you.

Same thing with this invisibility stuff… light rays hit you and usually they bounce off of you in different directions. But this stuff reflects the light rays AROUND you… not back where they came from, but back on track the same direction they were already going… so that no one sees you. Kinda like the Predator, right? You’re invisible because the light rays are the same when they leave you as when they hit you. Weird.

Light off a mirror is REFLECTED…bounced off. Light that’s moved around you like that invisiblity cloak stuff is REFRACTED… it passes through something… and it gets bent while it’s going through. Like, light gets refracted when it goes through water or stained glass or a prism. The trick is to refract the light just right so it ends up going out the same direction it goes in. Then, it’d be just like you were a piece of glass…invisible!

So, here’s your GED ┬áscience practice question…

Which of the following kinds of technology uses REFRACTED light?

1) A telescopic gun sight

2) A camera

3) Contact lenses

4) A microscope

5) All of the above

Do you know the answer… think about it…

I bet you got it… the answer is 5… all these things use refracted light, and soon the INVISIBILITY CLOAK will be on the list, too! Refracted light passes through something and gets bent as it goes on through…, so a telescopic gun sight bends the light so things look closer, just like a regular telescope or binoculars. And, a camera bends the light so that it gets on the film in the right size, so you can take a picture. And your contact lenses bend light so it puts everything in focus for your eyes, even tho your eyes are messed up, like mine. And, a microscope bends light to make little, tiny stuff look big so you can see it! So, bending light changes the way you see things.

And an invisibility cloak could bend light so you don’t see something at all!!! Kewl.

So, now you learned some GED science! Keep studyin’… that GED is pretty close, I bet!

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