GED Writing: Your and You’re

Hello, GED writers! Here are two more important words to understand for the GED writing test…the multiple choice test will have these words on it, and you’ll also want to keep them straight when you’re writing your GED essay. There! I just used them both: “when you’re writing your GED essay.” So, which one do you want to use when?

“You’re” Means “You Are”

This is the easy part…if you can substitute in “you are,” then you use the contraction “you’re.”A contraction means that part of the words are missing. In the word “you’re,” the apostrophe stands in for the missing ‘a’ in ‘are.’ Whenever you write “you’re,” you mean “you are.” So, when I say “when you’re writing your GED essay,” I mean “when you are writing your GED essay.”

“Your” Means “Belonging to You”

“Your” is a possessive pronoun…that’s a fancy way of saying that it describes something belonging to “you.” An easy way to remember when to use “your” is…use it when you DON’T mean “you are.” I mean, it would sound silly to say “when you’re writing you are GED essay.” Of course that’s not what I mean! So, the correct spelling is “your.” But the other way to figure it out is to think about what it really means. I mean, when you’re writing the GED essay that belongs to you… the one that you will write! Your house belongs to you… your car belongs to you… your voice belongs to you! And “your” means “belonging to you.”
So, just remember to keep these commonly confused words straight when you take the GED test. Good luck!

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