Getting Ready for the GED Math Test

Hey, I know you ain’t just studying math to learn about numbers. You’re studying for the GED math test…and that means there are some special things you got to keep in mind. Because the GED math test isn’t just gonna have one thing on it. It’s gonna have a lot of stuff on it…and you’ll need to pull out of your memory something different you know for every question. I think that’s what makes a math test like this hard. There’s just a lot of different stuff to know! So, here’s some advice…

Knowing What to Study

When you’re taking the GED math test, the first thing you gotta do is figure out what kinda problem you’re looking at. Is this geometry? Is it asking about right angles? Graphing algebra? Adding and subtracting? Figuring percentages? What? Going through a GED practice test and trying to figure out what each question is can help you out. Pay attention to the ones that you think are hard. Don’t just take the practice test…find the hard questions, then figure out what kind of questions they are, and then study how to solve them.

How Much Do You Study?

Once you know what to study, you need to know how much to study. Here’s the 411: You got to study until it’s easy. Or at least not hard. The more problems you do, the easier they get. Believe it or not. That’s why you just keep trying new problems in whatever you’re studying until you get the hang of them. Jus’ like practicin’ anything, like learnin’ to drive.

How Do You Remember How to Solve a Problem?

Try writing down the steps you take to solve the type of problem you’re working on. Put them in your own words, so that you can remember them easier. Practice by looking at the steps to help you solve the problem. Then, the next day, without looking at your notes, try to write down the steps from memory and writing them down again. If you practice calling up what you remember, it’ll be easier to remember next time.

How Do You Understand How to Do a Math Problem?

Don’t just go by steps. Try to understand why it’s done that way. Work through an example problem, trying to figure out why you solve it a certain way. If you understand why, you’ll really remember it. Don’t worry about taking a long time with one or two practice problems while you figure it out. This is where the learning happens.

Study the Basics, Learn the Details

Math is like a big tower. If you’re missin’ a brick at the bottom, it’s all gonna come tumbling down. You got to know the basic math if you’re gonna do the harder math, so make sure you know how to work with numbers. Learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in your head. Learn about what fractions, decimals, and percents are, and how to do basic math with them. Learn about different types of numbers (especially negative numbers!) and math symbols. While you’re workin’ you gotta keep track of the little things…and it’s subtracting wrong or dropping a negative symbol that’s gonna trip you up. So study the basics and pay attention to all those little details.

Get all your math skills ready, cuz you can pass the GED math test!

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