How Can I Pass the GED Math?

Yo. I know I’ve written about this before, but I got two comments last week asking how to pass. Well, passing the GED math test is hardest for lots of people, and with the new GED tests coming out in 2012, if you passed everything but the math, now’s the time to get on that math!

Here’s the comments people sent:

From grumpy_52058: I’m 19yrs. old and I’ve taken part of the ged test already and the hardest part of the test for me is the math part… I was wondering if there is a lot of fraction, percents questions. Those are the problems are the ones that I have a hard time learning. Can someone please help me out so I can finish this just. Thank you

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraction and percent questions. That’s just cuz the fractions and percents are part of the basic math that’s in a lot of the other math. You’ll come across them in algebra, geometry, and just plain addition and subtraction. So they’re all over the place. Take a look at my articles on percentages and fractions for some help getting up on these. I’d spend some extra time studying fractions, percents, and decimals until you get real comfortable with them.

From denise71: ive passed everything on my ged but math i really need help is there some kind of work book or practice worksheet i could get to help me pass on june 1

Listen, I know that math ain’t easy for most people to learn. There’s some good math books out there… GED Mathematics by Steck Vaughn is one of ’em. But it can be hard to learn from a book, especially if you’re not too good at school math. And there’s also websites out there…I’ve got links in my articles. You can find GED resources on the net, but you have to work harder to get all the materials you need, and figure out what you need to know and where to go to learn it.

If you’ve really got to pass, seriously take a look at the passGED Study Program. It’s got four GED math courses in it, covering everything on the GED, along with practice tests and lots of practice questions. You can buy the courses separately, but it’s cheaper to buy the whole program, even if you just need to pass the math. Unless there’s just one area you really need to know….but most people really need the first course, because it’s got all the basics.

But, if you don’t want to get the study program, here’s some online resources that can help.

Algebra at

Grand Slam Math

Algebra Word Problem Solvers

Translating Word Problems: Keywords

Study Guides and Strategies: Solving Math Word Problems

How to Do Math in Your Head

Good luck, everyone! Rock that GED math test.

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