From rwpalme: I need a GED A.S.A.P. for my job.

Hey! Thought I’d reply to this, cuz I hear about a lot of people need their GED right NOW! Yo, I know what you mean. Lots of people need a GED for their job… There was this story on GED stories about a woman who lost her job because she got a fake diploma instead of a real GED… Lots of jobs want you to have a diploma, either just for the job or to get promoted. And more and more are like that all the time.

First thing, you gotta figure out how much you gotta study. Take a GED practice test, so you’ll know what you’ll score. Then, take whatever GED tests you can pass right away. Once you’ve passed one test, it’s out of the way, and you don’t have to worry about it no more. Here’s a link to find a GED test center:

Since you’re here in my blog, it’s prolly like most people… you need help with GED math. Hey, I’ll give you as much help as I can. The biggest thing to pass the GED is to get the basic math down. Start with knowin’ how to do word problems, and work on bein’ able to work with fractions, decimals, ratios, and other kinds of math ideas that’s on all kinds of problems. The more you practice basic math, the easier the harder math stuff will be.

Work on it every day. That’s the other thing. If it’s important, you can spend an hour a day practicing. You’ll prolly need more help than just my blog. Get a good book. Or a good study program. Also, check out high schools and colleges around you to see if there’s any adult ed classes. And keep with it! Just an hour a day. You’ll get there, quicker than you think.

For more information on the GED test and GED test preparation, visit The GED Academy at

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